Friday, September 5, 2008

Name That Chicken

Here are some pictures of my new hens. I think that I know what breeds they all are, but I am not a chicken expert. Cruella is pretty easy to identify. Can you guess who Cruella is?

I have seven of these lacy chickens:
Lacy Hens
Four of these young barred hens:
Barred Chickens
Three of these red hens:
...and only one of these:
Long Haired Hen

She makes me laugh every time I look at her.

My Egg production is really up, we got 9 eggs on Tuesday and 6 yesterday. We are sure that we aren't finding all of the eggs because the new hens don't know where to lay yet. I even found one egg lying in the middle of the driveway.

They are having a hard time figuring out where to roost too. Some of them have been roosting on the tractor, some in the horse trailer, some on the spare tire or the tongue of the horse trailer, some on the kid's toy four-wheelers, Cruella even roosted on the grill one night.

Each night since they have arrived, we have had to go on a chicken hunt after dark to find them and take them to the goat/chicken shed to put them to roost out there. One of the lacy hens has totally eluded us every night, we have not been able to find her, but she always shows up the next morning. There was even one on the passenger side floorboard of my DH's mail vehicle. We had left the window open and she helped herself to a nice safe place, he was a little annoyed about the chicken poo that she left behind.
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