Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't Taunt a Tiger

Police: Victim drunk during tiger attack - Yahoo! News

The news this morning is that the three Tiger attack victims in San Francisco had been smoking pot and drinking vodka, one was legally drunk. They also admitted to taunting the tiger. I guess they never read the rules of living a long and healthy life, which includes something about not playing leapfrog with elephants, never, ever, messing with the Ladies Auxiliary and never taunting Tigers unless their tails are wagging.

The Zoo was still negligent here, they still have a responsibility to protect stupid people. This could have been young unsupervised children doing this and the result would have been the same. I have known a few kids under the age of 12 who could have done this.

Where is the Zoo's responsibility to the animals. Shouldn't the animals be protected from stupid people as well? Maybe the zoo animals should sue this zoo.

How hard or expensive would video surveillance be for each area of the zoo. A couple of people to watch a bank of monitor screens, they could have a loud speaker at each enclosure to yell at the stupid people or young kids if they start to tease. They could also dispatch a motorized guard to the area immediately.

Common sense is what we need here, people, that is what separates us from the animals.
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