Saturday, January 5, 2008

This Is War

He has gone too far this time, I can be tolerant to a point but he has pushed me over the edge. I have been noticing mouse droppings around the house, in drawers and such since Christmas. But being in the Holiday mode, I didn't really go on an all out offensive, that has changed, I don't care if he is cute and just trying to make his way in this world.

On New Year's Eve we went to the neighbor's for the evening and to ring in the New Year. I wore my favorite Orvis wool jacket that I got on eBay for a song. Orvis does not sell a jacket like this one now and I always got complimented on this coat.

Well I stuck a couple of small Hershey's chocolate bars in my jacket pocket and forgot about them until today when I noticed little shreds of paper and foil on my jacket. To my horror that evil mouse had chewed a big nasty hole in the front of my beautiful jacket.

He is dead meat now! I will hunt him down and snuff out his miserable life if it takes me till doomsday. It's bad enough that he ruined my good coat but you just don't mess around with a woman's chocolate bars!
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