Thursday, January 17, 2008

Still Waiting...

I order most of my Christmas gifts online, I buy a lot of stuff from I also get one of those LTD Commodity catalogs and the Grandkids love to look through it and pick out junk that they want. I learned very quickly that if you order from them, you had better do it as soon as the catalog comes out or you won't get your stuff before Christmas. Also you are always in the dark about how much shipping and handling charges will be, they ship all of the items separately to make the most money they can and when it is all said and done, you cannot believe how much this junk has ended up costing you, that is why they sell stuff so cheap.

So, I started using Lakeside Collections, which carries the same products and actually is an alias of LTD, but they let you pay shipping and handling fees upfront. I seem to get my stuff quicker with them, but here it is the middle of January and I am still waiting for one Christmas gift that never came.

I also used a "Buy It Now" button on an auction on eBay, the seller is in Lithuania, but had very good feedback and sells tons of stuff on there, so I thought I was safe. I paid for the two items on November 16th and today is January 17th, the package still has not arrived. The first time that I contacted him about not receiving the items, he told me that it sometimes takes a month. That would have been in plenty of time for Christmas.

I think that I have been patient enough, I have filed a dispute with eBay but he hasn't answered it for a couple of weeks now. The worst part of this is the fact that my husband told me I was stupid to order something out of Lithuania and that I just got taken. I hate it when he turns out to be right like this.

I had some online returns this year which was a first for me. I had to return my Grandson's Heelys to, they are the tennis shoes with the wheels in the heels for all of you out of touch people. Anyway the return was very easy, I even printed the return label right from their website and didn't have to buy postage.
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