Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Yearlings

Cooter, my buck, his nickname is "Rancid" during the rut.

Cooter and Angel
Cooter and Angel are best friends but when they play, they play rough.


Calico and Collette
Calico and Collette
Calico is the oldest of the yearlings, these are not current pictures, they are bigger now.

Collette is pretty dirty here but this is the only more recent picture that I have of her. She is a little timid with people, she does not like strangers.

Don't tell anyone, but Paris is my favorite, she is friendly and loves people. The other goats push her around, she never fights back.

Precious Paris is always curious. Angel catches them by their ears sometimes, she has never brought blood but she has caused frostbite on both Cooter and Paris, by getting their ears wet when it has been cold.

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