Saturday, January 19, 2008


The lowest earthly life form is a species called a Spammer, this may also be the lowest life form in the whole universe. I don't know anyone who's life has not been infested with these terrible parasites at one time or another.

While most of these infestations come into your system through the use of a home computer. Even those who have no home computers can also be affected by these pests, through a medium called the United States Postal Service. The parasites are brought into your home by a human host or carrier, these hosts were at one time called Mailmen but with the advent of spam their name was changed to Mail Carriers.

There is no cure for this disease, but research continues. The only answer to this growing problem is that all those who are infested to just quit buying from or falling for these schemes. If the Spam would quit being profitable then all of the Spammers would disappear back into the cesspool from which they came or find another way to rip people off.

These lowly spammers can use your email address to send out spam emails, then your email address gets reported for spam and you can no longer send legitimate emails to your friends without their email providers blocking your email address or sending your emails to their junk folders.

I have also received very nasty emails from people accusing me of sending porn emails to them, after a spammer used my email address. Before accusing people of being spammers or reporting their email addresses, you should look at the complete header by going into the properties of the offending email to find out exactly where that email came from and not just by looking at the address in the "From" area.

It is kind of like a wolf in sheep's clothing. I get Viagra ads, enlargement advise and phishing schemes from legitimate Church addresses, Bank addresses and so on.

On another subject, I got a scary email today that makes me leary of making any large purchases from eBay. I wouldn't sell my eBay account for $5000 but some people might. It gives you something to think about.

Here is the email:

I want to propose you a deal, if you let me use your ebay account i will give you 5000$ a month. You will only have to let me post some auctions on it and you will get this money. eBay will believe that someone broke into your account, they don't have to know that you gave it to me. They will think i stoled it. Please reply if you are interested. I repeat, nobody will ever know you gave it to me.
Thank you.
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