Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's Cold

Luckily there is a post date and time feature on this blog, so that if I break my new year's resolution and forget to blog or wait until after midnight to blog, I can just manipulate the date and time to redeem myself. Don't you just love technology?

I braved the cold this morning to feed and water my goats, chickens, dogs and cat. One of my dogs is a house dog but I still have to go outside to get her food. All of the waterers were frozen solid and everybody was dying for a drink. It was around 10 degrees and it really didn't bother me, I can take the cold but not the heat, just ask my poor husband who complains because I always have the heat turned off. It is a wonder that our water lines don't freeze.

Summer is nice, I like the green grass and the fully leaved trees but when it is hot, I love my air conditioner. Basically I just hate to sweat.

Anyway it was cold today and it is suppose to get down to 4 degrees tonight, it is already 9, with spring like weather predicted for this weekend, up in the 50's, that means the mud will return.
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