Monday, April 21, 2008

Backing Up

No, a major earthquake didn't bury me in rubble. I am still here but not doing so well. First off my computer quit on Sunday, I was online and looking at a site that I visit very often, when the screen went black and then the blue screen of death showed up. I powered down, then waited a few minutes before trying to restart.

She did reboot and I was thankful but I knew this was a sign that I should backup my system. I have a Maxtor hard drive for that purpose but I am very lax in taking the time to do it. So, on Sunday evening I started the back-up and here it is 24 hours later and we are still backing up. The whole process will probably take around 36 hours. So, here I am typing this blog on my antique laptop with Windows 98.

I started this blog on Monday the 21st and am finishing it on Tuesday because I had been just a little sick for the last 3 weeks but nothing too serious but it got serious on Monday evening. I had had a slight sore throat and had been very tired for quite awhile but on Sunday evening I developed a nasty headache and the glands in my neck became swollen and painful. On Monday morning, my whole body ached, my joints and muscles hurt. I asked my good friend and RN about it and she said it sounded like Mono, I thought that I was too old for that but I did have the symptoms.

I eventually got a high fever and was not able to hold anything on my stomach. I couldn't take anything for the fever or the pain because I couldn't keep it down. I am better right now but my DH says that I am definitely jaundiced. The fever and headache are gone and I can eat again but I still have the soreness, fatigue, sore throat and swollen, sore glands. I just hope that the fever doesn't return tonight.

Now back to my computer problems, remember that doing a backup of your computer is very important, when I got that blue screen on Sunday, I was terrified. I have so many pictures and videos of the Grandkids on there and they would have just been lost if that hard drive had not come back to life.

My desktop is a Dell and it is getting some age on it by computer standards but it has been a great computer that has not given my any problems whatsoever. It has also given me a sense of false security because I think that it will always be there and that is just not possible. The moral of this story is to back-up you system, even if it does take 36 painful hours when you can't use your computer! When this backup is complete, I will probably take the hard drive that has the backup on it to my neighbor's house for safe keeping.
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