Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I talked to someone who reads my blog each day and was informed that I need to blog more often, maybe six times per day. I am a pretty decent typist and can usually think of something to say but I don't think that I can come up with six blogs per day because of the constraints of time and my memory. You see, I can think of things to blog about while I am out doing things but somehow I forget what it was by the time I am sitting in front of a computer. Now if I had me one of them there handy, dandy hand held computers I might do better.

Time is in short supply around here anymore. I have heard a man that I greatly respect say that everyone has the same amount of time and while I know that is true, it really isn't a logical conclusion. Everyone is given 24 hours per day but not everyone has the same responsibilities.

Responsibilities are the time thieves that make a difference in the amount of time that a person has. The amount of time that you devote to those responsibilities determine how much free time that you have.

For people who live in a house with a small yard to mow, may find that they have plenty of time to devote to other endeavors, like entertainment or hobbies. I tend to get a little annoyed at people who say they are bored or don't have anything to do. I always seem to find plenty of things to do, there are just somethings that I don't want to do.

We have 30 some odd horses that require care, 7 goats, 13 chickens, 2 dogs and 1 cat. They all have to be fed everyday, one goat has to be milked everyday. We have a yard that needs to be mowed and pasture that has to be mowed. We are fortunate to have both of our children living close by and so we have our children and grandchildren at our house quite often. I have a swimming pool that requires constant care during the summer months. Stalls and buildings have to be kept manure free and hay has to be bought and picked up then stacked in the barn. Fence is always in need of repair.

My husband is working two part time jobs, so he only occasionally gets a day off, he has been working six days per week, he does get Sundays off but we go to Church twice on Sunday. We have four Church services per week that we attend. In addition to that my husband is teaching a Bible Study one night per week.

When the neighbor calls with a problem we always try to be there for them. Just the other night a neighbor called because him lawn mower had quit and he needed to borrow a mower, my husband had tons of stuff to do but he dropped everything and took our mower to him. Then he came back and hauled two loads of manure over to their house for their garden.

I am not complaining and do not want anyone to feel sorry for us because we chose this life and enjoy it but I am venting. Sometimes I feel like my husband is stretched beyond his limits and then gets criticized because he doesn't want to do certain things or go to social functions. The thing that really gets my goat is how other people judge you.

My husband's favorite saying is, "Everyone is right in his own eyes." Everyone thinks that they are busy and I have heard people say, "Well, they think they are busy but they don't know what busy is, they should have to follow me around for a few days."

I personally don't do as much as I used to do because I can't with my back the way it is but even if it weren't for that, I know that growing old tends to slow you down. When we were young we were looking for something to do all of the time, now we are looking to get rid of as many responsibilities as we can. I currently have enough website and halter work, more than I need. I don't feel like I can get anything else done. Which would be great if I were making decent money but I'm not.

Don't judge other's lives. Don't think that you know what others are going through. You aren't them and you have no business making a judgement about someone whose moccasins you have never filled. Vent over and this subject is laid to rest.
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