Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Great Day!

Miracle had a great day today, she has eaten well all day and has acted almost like a normal filly, maybe not like a week old foal, but at least like a 2 day old foal. She is about to turn one week old, the time has flown by and been a blur for me. But just maybe we are over the hump.

We kicked Dandee and Sapphire out of the barn today and then late this evening we took Miracle down to their pen for a visit. Dandee nickered when she saw her and even let her nurse. I was a little surprised that Miracle even remembered how to nurse. She ran and played while she was outside and even kicked at my husband.

I measured her intake today and she is taking a little over one and a half gallons per day at this point, I am sure she will increase with each day.

Sorry this blog was so late but we were completely swamped today and I am exhausted.

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