Friday, April 11, 2008

Not Enough Time

Sorry that I didn't blog yesterday but I just didn't have the time. Spring brings a lot of extra work around here. I seem to be feeding the bottomless pit named Miracle constantly. If you have ever seen how a foal nurses it's mother, then you know that they eat continually. She is yelling at me all of the time for her next bottles. Plus the fact that her milk has to be warmed up and all of the bottles washed after each feeding, a task that I am getting tired of already.

She developed a bladder infection yesterday, so that meant a trip to the Vet to get medicine. She wouldn't eat for awhile and had to be force fed again, I hate that. She was fine this morning and her appetite had returned to full force.

Then there are my other responsibilities, everyone that has a website with me always want lots of updates in the Spring and I get tons of orders for rope halters in the Spring as well. The sad thing is that I sit around here all winter without much to do, then when foaling and kidding season starts and the weather warms up enough that I want to spend some time outside, I have all of this extra work to do. Not to mention the fact that the Grandkids like to come down and play outside during the warm weather. Morning still needs her dressing changed regularly and the goat has to be milked.

Lack of sleep is making me grumpy...
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