Friday, April 18, 2008


Wow! Strange to be woke up by an earthquake in Southern Indiana. There I was, sound asleep when the bed started shaking and everything in the room started rattling. I was drowsy and thought that I was in a horse trailer for some reason and something was shaking the trailer. It seemed like the horse trailer was rocking. It went on for a long time until I was finally wide awake and realized that I was in bed. It seemed to go on for a full minute but was probably more like 30 seconds. It all happened sometime between 5:30 and 6:00 this morning. When it stopped, my husband came into the room and asked if I felt it, I said that I had and he said that it had to be an earthquake.

The news has just said that it was a 5.4 magnitude, that was centered in East Central Illinois. They say that animals react to earthquakes but my house dog didn't even wake up and I didn't hear any of our outside animals make a sound either.

Someone on the radio just said that this was a shaker and not a rolling earthquake. That rolling earthquakes do more damage. The last earthquake that I experienced was a roller. I was actually on my knees, in a basement, on concrete in our Church prayer room when that one took place and I could feel the rolling under my knees. It felt like one knee would rise then fall before the other one would rise and fall.

Today is the 102nd Anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake, how weird is that?
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