Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Review

One of my family members is in Iraq, he had just barely gotten over there, when his house caught fire with his wife and young son asleep inside. His wife woke up and got their son out and the fire department managed to save the structure. They have major damage with tons of clean up work to be done.

They had insurance that was purchased from a company that allowed wood stoves, that is why they had used this particular company. They thought that they had protection for such a time as this. But it doesn't seem to be working that way. The insurance company is not wanting to pay off for this fire that started in the flue.

So, this poor Soldier's wife, who is having to endure the loneliness and worry of having a husband in harm's way and having a child who feels abandoned by the Father whom he adores. Is now having to deal with homelessness, seeing all of their belongings mostly ruined and having to deal with a heartless insurance company.

They have tried to find a Lawyer to represent them in this disaster and have finally found one that will listen to them for $250 per hour, however, he is being retained by the offending insurance company, just like all the other Lawyers are. It would be a conflict of interest for him to go after an insurance company that is paying money to retain him. These insurance companies are pretty slick and sleazy that way.

Sure this mother and child will be taken care of by family and friends. Their Church family is offering to do the repair work but they shouldn't have to do it, that is why this family has been paying premiums to this insurance company.

The Husband/Father/Soldier has been notified about the fire but they are mostly keeping him in the dark about their struggles with the insurance company, because he shouldn't have to be worrying about that right now.

I am just a little surprised that there is no organization out there to help Soldier's wives with problems like this. They have even contacted the insurance commission and while they do sympathize, they haven't done anything about it and no attorneys have offered their services.
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