Sunday, April 6, 2008

Roller Coaster

This Roller Coaster ride sure has been exciting. We seem to have climbed back up to the top. Throughout the day Miracle continued to improve and the fainting episodes stopped.

She slept for many hours and then in the late afternoon she was on her feet and ready to eat. She stayed up for an hour, then laid down and slept for just a little while, then jumped back up to take a bottle with much urgency. She is just gulping those bottles down now.

The change in her is remarkable. We took her outside for a walk last night and she really enjoyed that but Dandee wasn't too happy about it. We are feeding her a bottle of my precious fresh Goat's Milk that I have been looking so forward to, every two hours and putting her in with her Mother every four hours. Cinder has much more milk than her babies need, so that has worked out great for us in this situation.

Miracle can see into our living room and she hollers for a bottle every time we pass by the window. We are hoping that she keeps her attachment to Dandee, that is why we are putting her in with her to nurse as often as possible. But she just isn't getting everything that she needs from Dandee even though Dandee is a great milk producer. Mares are not really designed to raise twins.
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