Tuesday, April 15, 2008


In the midst of all of this chaos, Ruby was born very early on Monday morning. She is a huge AQHA chestnut filly out of our Chestnut AQHA mare, Flashy Sugar Star (Sissy) by the Red Dun reining stallion, Pepi Holidoc. When she was born we didn't even need to raise her tail, with her size and big bone we were certain that she was a colt. We were both shocked when we finally did look and found out that she was a filly.

Her entrance into this world was uneventful and she is about 3 times bigger than Miracle, she even looks like she might have been sired by a Belgium. The other thing that is just too strange about the size of this filly is that her Mother just barely looked pregnant. We would never have dreamed that she would have a foal so large, big boned and muscular.

Ruby has a star, strip and snip on her face. She also has some white on her feet but we are not yet certain how much. She could have four white feet but the hair on her legs is such a light color at this time that we can't tell for sure.

She is a foal with an attitude and loves to show everyone just how much power she has. She is very playful and she is a kicker.
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