Saturday, April 26, 2008

Insurance Review

A few weeks ago my Husband was returning a hay fork that he had borrowed to a neighbor's house and since it was so close, he just threw it in the back of the truck without tying it in. Big mistake! You know that most accidents happen close to home.

He was within yards of the neighbor's driveway, when someone backed out in front of him, he swerved to the left and ran into a ditch to avoid contact with the offending car. However. the hay spear went right through the back glass of our truck. The driver of the other vehicle was very nice and apologetic, they went ahead to the neighbor's house to call his insurance company and explain the situation to them and that was the end of that.

His insurance company's adjuster met with my Husband the very next day to look at the truck and told him to go ahead and get it fixed, which my DH did, because you can't just go around with a missing back glass. We also got an e-mail from the company telling us where we could follow the progress of the claim online. We honestly didn't think that they would pay off, since there was no contact between the two vehicles and he didn't have the spear secured properly.

We put the new window on a credit card because we didn't have the cash available at the time. But within just a few days we got a call from a nice man who told us that the check for the window was in the mail, sure enough it arrived the next day. We were very surprised and pleased.

Who was this insurance company, you may ask. It was Progressive Insurance. I believe that when an insurance company reacts to claims in this manner they do nothing but increase their client base. When you feel that you have been treated well these days, then you are going to tell your friends and neighbors. It is getting to be so rare anymore that you are treated right and someone isn't trying to rip you off, that you certainly want to sing the praises of those who are just and fair. We feel like Progressive stepped up to the plate and handled this fairly and didn't penalize my husband for avoiding contact with their client's car.

I have been very positive in this blog about the Progressive Insurance Company but I am going to be very negative in the next one that I write about a different Insurance Company that is being very difficult to deal with.
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